"A Private Resort Vacations Club

For Zoomers and Zippers Alike"

The perfect match for value conscious travelers who enjoy luxurious surroundings and adventure!

Discover the Value and Adventure Your Family Will Love

Great Vacations Club

About Great Vacations.. Our club is based on the premise that everyone wants and needs variety and excitement in their lives, regardless of age.

Granted, you may slow down a bit and may not want death defying adventure after your 30’s. But if you love travel, hiking, skiing, golfing, tennis or just lounging on the beaches, you’ll find ways to get that done…

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Great Ski Vacations

Benefits.. Have you ever dreamed of traveling when you want and to wherever you want.. as long as it’s to distant, exotic places in the most luxurious surroundings possible?

I sure have and I’m going to let you in on a “little secret” that lets you travel the world like royalty for pennies on the dollar.

Considering a Timeshare? You'll change your mind when you see what this private vacation travel club has for You....

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Great Vacations Club Luxury

Price Comparisons.. We will be providing updates on how member pricing, not available to the public provides savings to members that will knock your socks off…

Imagine saving 50% to 90% Off the rates advertised on public sites and spending a whole week on a family vacation for as little as $398.

Condos, cruises, beaches- all the things that make for wonderful and affordable family vacations at 5000+ resorts worldwide....

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